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Bopp lights

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Bopp TOUCH Ceiling Light LED white, 6-light sources
RRP: €759.99
Bopp BREAK Pendant Light LED gold, 1-light source
RRP: €1,099.99
Bopp PIXEL Ceiling light LED black, 2-light sources
RRP: €269.99
Bopp Flat uplighter LED aluminium, 7-light sources
RRP: €689.99
Bopp FRAME ceiling light LED aluminium, 9-light sources
RRP: €1,179.99
Bopp BREAK Pendant Light LED aluminium, 1-light source
RRP: €1,099.99
Bopp FRAME ceiling light LED aluminium, 9-light sources
RRP: €1,179.99
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Bopp lights: High quality living room lights made in Germany

The Bopp Leuchten GmbH in Limbach, Germany (Odenwald, Baden-Württemberg) has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing high quality lights. Founded in 1912, this medium-sized company has been run by the same family for 3 generations and is internationally known for excellent quality. On top of quality German craftsmanship, buyers of Bopp lights products get to enjoy very good service.

Optimise lighting with Bopp lights

Bopp lights are characterised by their artistic and elegant design. Most of their products are modern LED lights. With LED lights, new innovative design possibilities have developed thanks to the tiny dimensions of the electronic devices. Geometric shapes such as squares and circles are combined to aesthetically valuable light sculptures and show extremely long and thin light elements, so that the boundaries between lampshades and the rest of the fixture are not necessarily visible.

Cutting-edge technology and diverse choice

The product portfolio covers almost all categories of lamps which are needed for thorough and stylish illumination of the home. The modern pendant lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps, etc. radiate pure energy efficiency. The latest LED technology ensures that the lights hardly consume any power and provide an exciting, pleasant lighting effect. Say hello to the future of lighting: Use lights via Bluetooth connection and smartphone apps as flexible lighting tools. Your trading partner for first-class Bopp lights and many other brand name lights

We offer a carefully chosen selection of the best Bopp lights. Furthermore, you will find residential and outdoor lighting from many other manufacturers: We cater to every taste and budget! If you want to set out for some top quality, German-made lights, CMD lights and Escale lights are recommended. Other Dutch lights are well-distinguished for more extravagant designs. Meanwhile, the formal beauty of Italian designs can be easily seen and admired in the lights from Selene. Also Scandinavian producers are an essential part of our huge selection of goods.