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BORIK Wall Light Turquoise, 1-light source
RRP: €34.99
Tokio wall light white, 1-light source
RRP: €79.99
Mavas Wall Light black, 1-light source
RRP: €29.99
NITTORP Wall Light black, 1-light source
RRP: €99.99
LAFORSEN Wall Light white, 1-light source
RRP: €39.99
Philips LED E27 5,5 W 2700 K 470 Lumen
RRP: €7.99
Trio Condus Ceiling Light black, 1-light source
RRP: €63.99
Trio Waco Ceiling Light LED black, 2-light sources
RRP: €402.99
Trio GALE Ceiling Light LED white, 1-light source
RRP: €224.99
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Garage light bulbs - functional, energy-saving, and aesthetic

In the garage you need electric light often only a few minutes a day. For many garage lights their functional aspects also play a major role. They need to turn on quickly and brightly so that you can see everything immediately. If you have a hobby room, workshop, workout area, or other frequently used area in your garage, energy efficiency and design aspects may become more prioritized. We explain in detail what is most important when selecting garage lights.

Select suitable garage lights

Most of the garage lights are ceiling lights that are responsible for the general lighting of the room. Additional wall lights for zonal light are not necessary if the room does not require a homely atmosphere. But even for activities that demand your full concentration, like sports or some crafts, well positioned light can be pleasant and stimulating. Purely decorative lighting accents are not often used in the garage. A classic light is a robust oval light with textured glass in a protective grid made from galvanized metal.

Fluorescent lights are excellent as garage lights because they provide very bright and even light. However, a disadvantage is that they do not immediately spring into action and you often have to wait before entering further into the garage. A neutral white light colour is recommended (3,300 to 5,300 Kelvin) or daylight white (over 5,300 Kelvin). The higher the colour temperature in Kelvin, the closer it is to blue light on the spectrum, which helps improve performance and concentration.

LEDs and motion sensors for garage lights

When it comes to garage lighting, LEDs are still unbeatable. The tiny electronic lights need only a few watts, are highly durable, and offer designers plenty of room to experiment with design and shape. Also they do not flicker and can produce light in almost any colour. Also path lights leading to the garage are often equipped with LED lights.

Convenient: Motion sensor lights will automatically turn on just when they need to. If you want to go to the garage with your hands full, you won't have to put anything down to turn the light on. There are many situations where the benefits of the garages and motion sensors are coupled. Also, garage lights with motion sensor lights turn off after a specified period of time by themselves; therefore, no one can forget to turn off the garage light. Buy garage lights & more at low prices

Your new garage light will be shipped out promptly on receipt of payment. In addition to garage lights, we carry light products for all other areas of your house, for example, hallway lights bathroom lights and stair lights. Our competent support team of experienced lighting experts can provide additional information on any particular light or lamp.