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Globo LED strip, 1-light source, Colour changer
RRP: €29.99
Eglo VENDRES LED aluminium, 1-light source
RRP: €29.99
Globo LED stripe, 1-light source, Colour changer
RRP: €24.99
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LED lighting in practical and decorative ribbons

Thanks to the extremely compact dimensions of light emitting diodes (LEDs), it is now possible to create new forms of lamps and light fixtures. LED ribbons, or LED strips are the perfect example of the flexibility that can be expected from LEDs, while still maintaining high quality light. LED ribbons are suitable both for decorative ambient lighting as well as illuminating specific areas. Some are dimmable, while others produce coloured light which is adjusted by remote control. This allows LED ribbons the ability to produce fascinating light displays that supports the atmosphere of the house.

LED ribbons inside your home

LED ribbons can easily be glued under a ledge or shelf, making them particularly useful as kitchen cabinet lighting. Surfaces such as countertops, sinks, or stovetops can be easily highlighted with LED ribbons. If the LED ribbons have a minimum protection rating of IP44, they can also be used as bathroom lights or outdoor lighting. The current trend in décor is to use them everywhere as a complementary, indirect source of lighting. Their low power consumption allows you to use a large number of them without a great impact on your electricity bill. There are models that operate in either a high or low voltage (230V vs. 12V); the former can be produced in much longer strips.

The basic principle of LED ribbons and LED bands is to have many diodes at regular intervals on fixed or flexible media. On some models the diodes are very near each other; this gives a relatively powerful and uniform lighting. On others, they are more distant from each other, which produces more decorative lighting. LED ribbons can also be bent up to 360°, which offers almost infinite opportunities for installation.

Coloured LED ribbons

In addition to their versatility, LED ribbons are also known for the quality and diversity of the light they produce. Whether it is a variation of its intensity or colour, the LED strips can do it all. Models that change colour can be selected as warm white, daylight, or from colours ranging from red to blue. Customise your light and atmosphere to your desires in all circumstances.

The many advantages of LEDs

Like all types of LED indoor lighting, LED ribbons offer incomparable advantages to other light sources. The most important being, of course, their very low energy consumption. Almost all the energy is converted to light and is not lost as heat, unlike incandescent bulbs or halogen lights. Their prices are a little higher than the average light, but the costs are quickly recuperated since LEDs have lifespans of several decades, regardless of the number of on/off cycles. The last advantage, but not the least, is that their full power is reached in a split second, unlike the energy-saving bulbs that need time to warm-up.

Order LED ribbons online

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