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Outdoor lights with motion sensors

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Etoe Outdoor Wall Light black, 1-light source, Motion sensor
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Outdoor lights with motion sensors: practical and economic

Outdoor motion sensor lights are real assets for your property. They illuminate your garden and increase its security while also saving time and reducing your energy costs, since they only light up when needed. Outdoor motion sensor lights come in many styles and forms, be it wall sconces, floor lamps, ceiling lights, or spotlights. Investing in quality outdoor lights equipped with motion sensors helps you enhance your home and your property.

Various models of motion sensor outdoor lights

To quickly find the motion sensor outdoor lights for your needs, you can sort our range of products according to your selection criteria. Many of our customers in the area of motion sensor wall lights choose to combine upwards and downwards lights in a single fixture, as the contrast of light and dark areas projects an outstanding design.

From the garden entrance to the door of the house and through to the hallways, good lighting is more than a simple aesthetic value: The targeted lighting ensures good visibility of obstacles. Lampposts with motion sensors have been frequently adopted for lighting walkways, among other things. These walkway lights fit your lawn perfectly, providing their light only when necessary. Some even use infrared sensors can also detect the difference temperature between a person and the environment, and uses that difference as the signal to turn on.

Timely and flexible control

For most outdoor lights with motion sensors, parameters, such as the directional scope, the lighting time, and the light intensity can be precisely configured and adjusted to any situation. The outdoor wall light sensor was developed by the German company Steinel.

Safe operation in all-weather

To optimise your property with outdoor motion sensor lights, you must first be familiar with the IP ratings. This rating quickly describes the level of protection for outdoor lights against the ingress of foreign objects and water. While an outdoor lighting category IP44 is protected against water spray (2nd digit = 4), an outdoor light of IPX7 can withstand temporary immersion in water.

LED motion sensor lighting

The lighting industry agrees that LEDs are the very best available light source. LEDs optimise energy use, and offer possibilities previously unthinkable, such as colourful lighting. We offer LED motion sensor lights in all styles and for every budget: from economical entry level lights, up to exclusive lighting designs produced in high quality materials, such as stainless steel.

Mood lighting for your garden

Motion sensor outdoor lights and outdoor lights with sockets are perfect in every corner of your garden. When placed carefully, outdoor ceiling lights with motion sensors are always a plus. Solar lights with bright LED colours, such as orange, are particularly suitable for decorating your garden, especially since they also increase safety. Nowadays many indoor fixtures are also fitted with motion sensors, like some hallway lights. They are very practical because they save electricity without any effort on your part.