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Philips Lights

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Philips LED E27 7 Watt 4000 Kelvin 850 Lumen
RRP: €6.99
Philips LED GU10 4,7 Watt 2700 Kelvin 345 Lumen
RRP: €14.99
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Philips LED E27 7 Watt 2700 Kelvin 806 Lumen
Philips LED E27 7 Watt 2700 Kelvin 806 Lumen
RRP: €4.99
Philips LED G9 4,8 Watt 2700 Kelvin 570 Lumen
RRP: €15.99
Philips LED E27 60 Watt 2700 Kelvin 806 Lumen
RRP: €19.99
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Philips E14 LED 6,5 Watt 4000 Kelvin 806 Lumen
Philips E14 LED 6,5 Watt 4000 Kelvin 806 Lumen
RRP: €6.49
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Philips Lights Light from world-renowned experts

The Amsterdam-based company, Philips (full name of Koninklijke Philips N. V.), is one of the world's largest electronics companies. The company was founded in Eindhoven by Frederik Philips and his son Gerard Philips in 1891, and their first products were incandescent light bulbs - Today this division is known as Philips Lights, and employs more than 54,000 people, producing half of its turnover. Philips lights are known for its energy efficiency. In addition, the Philips Group is valued for its many great innovations.

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We already have some 1,000 Philips Lights products in our selection covering all major product lines for the apartment, house, and outdoors, as well as the basic elements of the lighting in Office & Commercial lights. With their exceptionally wide range of products, they have become a global company dedicated to energy efficiency and as a result Philips LED lights have earned an excellent reputation. Of course, matching Philips lamps are available.

Whether its lights from the Philips Ledino product line, or innovative LED technology combined with a very elegant design, or another product from the Dutch lighting experts, such as the Philips Ecomoods series we provide all the Philips Lighting products that customers all over have had good experiences with. Philips SmartSpot lights produce a pleasant and warm light that can be integrated perfectly in virtually all living concepts thanks to their unobtrusive design. They are mainly used as ceiling lights in homes, offices, and shops.

120 years of experience with electronic lighting

Few other companies have such a wealth of experience regarding lighting equipment as the global electronics group from Amsterdam. From the simple table lamps for children, to car and street lighting, to the lighting of gigantic construction sites - Philips lights are found all over the world and in every context.

Buy affordable Philips lights and many other brands online

Besides the popular Philips lights, there are also many more models available from other leading manufacturers including Honsel lights and Brilliant lights whether it's a wall lamp, a ceiling lamp, or any other type of lamp.