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Recessed Lights

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Finsrud recessed light LED matt nickel, 1-light source
Finsrud recessed light LED white, 1-light source
RRP: €49.99
Finsrud recessed light LED white, 1-light source
RRP: €39.99
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Vibersviller recessed light LED chrome, 1-light source
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Eglo FUEVA 1 recessed light LED matt nickel, 1-light source
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Recessed lights: Concentrated light

Powerful, effective, and yet compact and discreet, recessed lights, are the solution to many problems in terms of interior lighting. They perfectly light up any kind of room thanks to their small size. Their discretion does wonders in minimalist designs, but can also be used for any other style. A large number of models are adjustable so you can also use them to focus on a specific area. Discover our collection of recessed lights, selected for you according to our very strict criteria of quality and efficiency.

Various types of recessed lights

Recessed lights for indoor lighting

Recessed lights are a particular form of spotlight that are extremely small and integrated into the ceiling - they are a perfect marriage between efficiency and discretion. Given their size, they are obviously quite suitable for rooms with a false ceiling (also called suspended ceilings), or rooms with low ceilings in general. We also offer recessed lights for the ground that are primarily used outdoors. Their power is absolutely disproportionate to their size. For special situations requiring an even more compact light, the flush recessed lights are an excellent alternative to conventional models.

They are commonly used in most parts of the house, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, as long as they are watertight. The double spotlights for the kitchen can also be integrated under furniture and cabinets, or they can be paired with table lamps to illuminate a work place, desktop, or display case, for example. Professional installation is recommended because they require strict precautions against fire hazards. Opt for adjustable recessed lights to highlight certain areas of your home. You can also combine both fixed and adjustable lights for more flexibility.

Recessed lights for outdoor lighting

You can also use recessed lights outdoors to illuminate your driveway, footpaths, ponds, verandas and all your areas of your yard. They can be installed in the ground like any other wall or ceiling light. One element to be considered is how well they are protected. Pay attention to the IP (Ingress Protection) rating, a two-digit number used to indicate protection against foreign materials such as dust (the 1st digit), and protection against water (2nd digit). Therefore, a light with IP44 is the minimum for outdoor spaces, while a spotlight submerged under water must have a rating of IPX8.

LEDs for economical thinking

If halogen lights have enabled the production of recessed lights today, the future clearly belongs to the LED. LED recessed lights do not really heat up, which increases the range of possibilities for their use. They also possess unbeatable energy efficiency, and are classified with an A ranking or more, according to European standards. Frequently their intensity is more variable compared to conventional halogen lights. This contributes to your well-being, because you can adjust the light at will. The classic recessed spotlights can also be equipped with LEDs; however, the longevity of the bulbs is not so important because normal LED bulbs can easily reach 50,000 hours of normal use (3 hours per day).

Quality recessed lights 

We have selected choice recessed spotlights from European manufacturers for you. Discover our EGLO spotlights, or Philips recessed spotlights, which are distinguished by their exceptional quality-to-price ratio. Invent your own interior lighting concept with the help of our online store, where you will find all the light designs you desire: pendant lights, lampposts, and floor lamps among others. Shop safely for all our lamps and light fixtures and receive quick delivery to the address of your choice!