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Lucide BENTOO-LED spotlight grey, 1-light source
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Downlights contribute directional light

Downlights shine their light downwards. They are ideal as a contributor to the ambient lighting and for creating zones of light, or accent lighting, not only in the commercial environment. With downlights, you can also use high quality furniture and works of art to specifically match the environment. Many spotlights and recessed lights are adjustable so that there is some flexibility in finding the exact alignment of the lights. Halogen lights and LEDs are most suitable as a light source. Private or commercial, for the house or for the property, there are many diverse applications of downlights.

Various downlights at a glance

In the entrance areas of the office and conference rooms, downlights provide an elegant lighting solution which creates a professional atmosphere and will be positively felt by employees and customers alike. Whether as office lamps or as hotel lights, there are many different variations of light sources. Essentially there are downlights, recessed spotlights, and wall lights. Many hanging and pendant lights also direct their light downwards, but usually not focused like a spotlight. From classic to modern, there are downlight choices to match any interior style.

Downlights as wall lights

For large rooms, downlights on the walls can supplement the central ceiling lights as a way to ensure bright lighting. Not only do they create light areas, they are still pleasant to look at. In smaller rooms and busy paths, downlights as wall lights can provide sufficient lighting. Many modern examples also use one or more bundled light beams directed upward. With an interesting design, fascinating patterns of light and shadow can be produced that provide decorative ornamentation of a bare wall. And with motion sensors, light will be guaranteed to shine when you need it.

Downlights as ceiling lights

Single and multiple spotlights and ceiling spotlights are as popular as a focused light source for all locations. With direct lighting in individual zones and furnishings, it creates a bright environment that stimulates productive work. For decorative purposes, downlights are ideally mounted on the ceiling or walls because they can bring out a very effective indirect light.

Halogen lights and LEDs

Both halogen and LED light sources are commonly used in downlights. The optimal lighting from Ra100 has an excellent colour rendition. Also because they emit a very balanced range of wavelengths, they convincingly provide brilliant and very pleasant light. LED lights are the modern “Jack of all Trades for lighting. They consume very little power and are very durable - also when it comes to their lifespan, they can provide high quality light, every day, for decades. <Office lights play a decisive role in emitting daylight white light, which helps maintain mental concentration and improve performance during the day. Also in the home they provide cosy, warm, white light. There are also LEDs that are capable of producing light in all colours of the rainbow. In contrast to halogen bulbs, many LEDs are compatible with special dimmers.

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