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What are R7s bulbs?

R7s bulbs, also known as rod lamps or halogen rods, are a special type of bulb with a characteristic linear base. The length of the rod is 8 mm, 118 mm or 189 mm. R7s lamps have a compact shape and are used in lights with an R7s socket.

Application range of R7s bulbs

The elongated shape of the R7s rod bulbs achieves maximum brightness and emits a wide and uniform light, making it ideal for various applications:

  • Residential: R7s bulbs are used in uplighters and floor lamps to emit a wide and uniform light to effectively illuminate large rooms or areas.
  • Garden lighting: R7s bulbs are perfect for garden lighting as they provide uniform illumination and bathe the garden in a pleasant light.
  • Security lighting: Due to their brightness and range, R7s bulbs are widely used in motion detectors and floodlights for security lighting. They increase visibility and contribute to the safety of driveways, walkways and other areas.
  • Task lighting: In work environments such as offices and workshops, R7s bulbs provide clear and bright illumination that promotes concentration and productivity.

R7s: Replacing halogen with LED

There are many good reasons to switch from halogen bulbs to modern, economical LED technology for lighting. Especially for private use, replacing halogen lamps with R7s LEDs is a favourable and economical alternative. The advantages at a glance:

  • Energy efficiency: R7s LED bulbs have a considerably lower power consumption. 
  • Service life: LED rod bulbs need to be replaced less often than halogen rods, which minimises maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Immediate brightness: Unlike halogen rods, R7s LEDs require no warm-up time and reach full brightness immediately after being switched on.
  • Colour temperature: Warm white R7s LEDs with a light colour of up to 3,300 Kelvin provide cosy light.
  • Dimmability: Many R7s LED rod lamps are dimmable and their light intensity can be regulated as required. Important: Dimmable R7s LEDs must be labelled as such.

Order R7s bulbs online

In our online shop, we have a wide selection of efficient and powerful R7s light sources from manufacturers such as Philips for indoor, outdoor and commercial use. If you have any questions about buying the right lamp, our lighting specialists offer expert advice and support!