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Outdoor lights

Outdoor lighting for buildings and gardens

There are many advantages for lighting your outdoor areas. Firstly, it greatly improves security. There is evidence that the illuminated buildings have reduced risks of tampering or theft. But most importantly, adequate outdoor lighting contributes to the safety of people. By illuminating paths, stairs and other areas, you reduce the risk of falls or accidents. Thanks to good outdoor lighting, you can even enjoy your garden at night, which is an especially nice feature in the summer. Of course, do not forget the aesthetic appeal, as outdoor lighting can provide the finishing touches to your home landscaping. For example, many models of our wall lights, or outdoor lampposts and streetlights, are equipped with motion sensors so that the light is triggered only when you actually need it. 

The lights to illuminate your outdoor areas

Lights placed at specific locations allows for optimal lighting to highlight paths, façades, and gardens. The incredible variety of our product range ensures that you find the perfect solution for your outdoor lighting needs in our online store. Whether it's outdoor lights with motion sensors to light up your driveway, outdoor ceiling lights for your garage, or outdoor spotlights to illuminate a particular point of your garden, we have the lights to fit all your needs. Some of our garden lights are also designed to be easily carried and moved, and solar lights do not even require an electrical connection.

Be careful to take into account the IP rating that is needed for the locations where you want to install your garden lights. Those areas that are exposed to the weather for long periods of time must have a very high IP rating, for example IP65 indicates that the light is completely sealed against dust and sprays of water. If you plan to install the lamps in an area that can be flooded or in a wet habitat, opt for IP67, which ensures a perfect seal against water.

Put your home and garden on the scene

Garden lights emphasize the style and taste in which you have organized your yard. And it serves to highlight your decorations in a remarkable way. Count on outdoor lights to impress your visitors and neighbours.

We also have a wide selection of powerful outdoor lamps that are ideal for large properties. Recessed lights are especially practical because they take up very little space and blend in to the scenery when turned off. There is also outdoor professional lighting for businesses or offices available. And though neon store signs are nice, spotlights can also help give a positive first impression of your business to local customers and partners.

LED outdoor lighting and solar lights

Energy efficiency, such as the energy rating indicated on the labels of each product, and the lifespan of the product are two major criteria to consider when choosing outdoor lights. LED lights are the best option for fulfilling these two elements, as well as the added benefit of providing strong light instantly, unlike an energy-saving bulb that needs time to warm-up. This is a huge advantage for outdoor lighting, especially for motion sensor lights. Solar lights are also often coupled with LEDs. Recent technological advances now make it possible to offer relatively powerful lighting at affordable prices.

Shapes and materials of outdoor lights

Square lamps add a touch of modernity to lighting your paths and can be perfectly matched with an assortment of outdoor wall lights. For a more classical style, lampposts with 3 heads, or lanterns provide a timeless charm. Globe lights, for example, are a very popular lawn decoration. Outdoor sockets offer a practical solution to provide backup power on a deck or terrace, as well as provide light. You will find a wide variety of all these products and many more on our website. Stainless steel and aluminium are the most preferred materials for the outdoors due to their ability to resist rust, while glass is often used for wall lights or streetlights. There is also a very diverse selection of colours to adapt to your needs.

Lights for balconies and terraces

Terraces, balconies, and porches are quintessential resting places and lighting these places properly is another important aspect for your well-being. Finding lights that suit you is a breeze thanks to the many available filters that allow you to narrow your search in just a few clicks. You can also see our category, lighting by room, to view light fixtures tailored to each corner of your home, or try our search tool.