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Reality WIZ-WLAN socket white
RRP: €41.99
LEDVANCE SMART+ Outdoor Plug Socket white
RRP: €45.49
Philips WiZ switch white
Lutec DAWNY motion sensor black, Motion sensor
RRP: €49.99
Philips HUE Bridge white
iDual remote control white, Remote control
RRP: €39.99
Nanoleaf FLEX LINKERS connectors white
RRP: €24.99
Nanoleaf Mouting Kit white
RRP: €44.99
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Use Wi-Fi plugs for house automation

A Wifi plug is an easy and simple solution to start in the world of Smart Homes. This solution is used often with products that have integrated LEDs and as such can’t be fitted with Smart Bulbs. With a Wifi plug you can connect your "dumb" light to a Smart Home system. The principle is simple: Wifi plugs act as a switch between the electric circuit and the product. The Wifi plug functions like an adapter with which you can turn the light on and off. A Smart Home Wifi plug can connect directly with a Wifi-Router without additional accessories. The connection allows the user basic Smart-Home functions such as turning off and on the light with a remote control or voice command.

Wi-Fi plugs for Smart Home control

In our webstore for lights and luminaires you will find Wifi plugs from various manufacturers. The Wifi plugs can be controlled over associated Smart Home Apps. Instead of a remote control, thanks to the App, you can easily control the light via Smartphone from the comfort of your sofa.

Remote Control Smart Home plug over ZigBee or Z-Wave

Apart from Wifi plugs there are also remote plugs that receive signals from ZigBee or Z-Wave products. Some of these technologies offer additional features, for example they can monitor the plugged device's energy consumption. These features require a Bridge or Gateway as a medium. Please check that the products you buy are compatible with the Smart Home system you choose.

Osram Smart Plug – Smart Home plugs from Osram

Under Osram Smart Home Accessories you can also find a Smart Home plug. Osram Smart Plug functions as an adapter only if it is used with a System that is based off the ZigBee protocol. This product is often called ZigBee plug. Many Smart Home systems are compatible with ZigBee, such as Philips Hue or Osram Smart+. The Osram Smart Plug can as such be used as a Philips Hue socket and thus makes it a perfect addition to your Smart Home.

Smart Home remote control

You can find Smart Home remote controls with which you can control compatible Smart Home lights with. In our assortment we have the Paul Neuhaus Q-Remote Control. With this you can program up to 6 light groups, control colour spectrums or create individual scenes. The Q-Remote Control is compatible with all lights from the Paul Neuhaus Q-Serie.

In our assortment we also offer the Eglo Connect Remote Control to control the Eglo Connect Smart Home system. With this remote control you can control single or grouped lights, light colour and temperature as well as dim lights of Eglo Connect systems.

With the correct accessories you can easily design your own Smart Home system. Find your Smart Home Switches or Smart Home Plugs now!