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Outdoor spotlights

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Pilsen garden spotlight silver, 1-light source
RRP: €39.99
Trio UBANGI Spotlight anthracite, 3-light sources
RRP: €142.99
Trio UBANGI Spotlight anthracite, 1-light source
RRP: €50.99
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Faro Garten garden spotlight black, 1-light source
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Outdoor spotlights for terraces, walls, and the property

The advantages of coherent exterior lighting are increasingly recognized in terms of both aesthetics and safety. Given the diverse offerings for practical and attractive outdoor spotlights, it is important to keep things organised when shopping: outdoor spotlights can be sorted by price, popularity, manufacturer, colour, and other criteria so that appropriate outdoor lighting is found quickly and easily.

Premium outdoor spotlights at great prices

We have selected the best outdoor lights for you from a huge range of manufacturers: From craftsmanship to energy efficiency to design, these outdoor spotlights have it all. Whether you are looking for outdoor lights with motion sensors or LED garden spotlights what ultimately matters the most is the price-to-performance ratio. Our assortment includes both affordable outdoor spotlights as well as luxurious models in the high price range. Thanks to our clear categories, you will make the right decision! Any questions about individual outdoor lights can always be answered by our helpful service team.

What is an outdoor spotlight?

The meaning is not clearly defined; in principle all outdoor lights that provide a targeted light focus is called a spotlight from small spotlights on the side of the road to the large Front door spotlights with a long range. Decorative garden globe lights and other lights with diffuse light rays; however, are not spotlights. A combination of the right outdoor spotlights and other outdoor lights will always show your home and garden in the best light!

Outdoor spotlights maximise security

On your own property you rarely take false steps, but in the darkness with rain and bad weather, there is always considerable risk of an accident. Guests and visitors will also appreciate being able to clearly see the path, terraces, and flower beds at all times. A very good measure to take is to install outdoor recessed lights under the eaves, or you can try installing many walkway lights in the form of ground stakes. So, whoever would like to install outdoor ground lights can find a rich selection here. It is important to note the IP rating for all outdoor spotlights, which indicates the degree of protection against the ingress of solid objects and moisture in a simple 2-digit number. Depending on the layout of the property, the second number should be between 4 (for water spray protection) and 8 (protected when submerged for lengthy periods). Outdoor wall lights also emphasise the beauty of the house and ensures it is free from danger all year-round. Many customers select up- and downlights, which provide atmospheric lighting in a cone both up and down a wall. Or you can focus on our selection of balcony and terrace lights for creating a comfortable atmosphere next to your home.

Outdoor spotlights with motion sensors conserve energy

Regardless of their important contribution to the beautification of the property, outdoor lighting is often only really used when people are present outside of the home, therefore their functionality is enhanced by motion sensors that turn on and off automatically. Modern outdoor LED spotlights are also frequently provided with this extremely practical function. These future-proof light bulbs are also available in nearly any desired colour, and they have the added advantage that the energy bill is reduced while the environment benefits. At this point we recommend taking a look at our range of Steinel Lights the traditional German company has entered into the history of lighting technology as a pioneer of sensor controls for outdoor and indoor lights. The XLED spotlights from this famous company are especially recommended. Or you can use innovative solar lights that charge during the day with free solar energy, and then shine throughout the night in the most beautiful colours of light.