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Indoor lights

Pompu Ceiling Light LED Ecru, black, 1-light source
RRP: €279.99
Wemude Ceiling Light black, 1-light source
RRP: €119.99
Pompu Ceiling Light LED Ecru, 1-light source
RRP: €149.99
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Pompu Ceiling Light LED black, 1-light source
Pompu Ceiling Light LED black, 1-light source
RRP: €299.99
Pompu Ceiling Light LED Ecru, black, 1-light source
RRP: €199.99
Pompu Ceiling Light LED Ecru, black, 1-light source
RRP: €299.99
Pompu Ceiling Light LED black, 1-light source
RRP: €264.99

Lights for the great indoors

The diversity of light sources for your home is particularly important. By searching through all the styles and shapes, you will find all the fixtures that you need, as well as ones that you just want. Whether it is for the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, you are probably looking for different types of lights. You will also find a wide selection of professional lighting options for the office or hotel in our online shop. Discover the world of indoor lighting!

Lighting influences your perception

Well-designed and bright lights that suit your needs also improves the perception of your home and your sense of well-being. Depending on their position, the light sources may give the impression of a larger space, accentuating certain contrasts or erasing others. It is also important to take into account the colour of the light, measured in Kelvin. Traditional incandescent bulbs diffuse warm white light with relatively low Kelvin. Now LED lights are becoming increasingly important and allow you to choose other shades, such as cool-white or bluish light (with a higher Kelvin), or warm, yellowish white. You can choose what suits you best.

Select the proper indoor lighting

Design a lighting concept

A complete lighting concept for your home incorporates both direct light and indirect light. In addition to a primary light aimed at providing uniform light to your rooms, you should also consider other light sources to enhance the brightness in particular areas, such as a reading corner in your living room. Spotlights are an economical option to ensure both functions with a single light fixture. You can also view our selection of popular lights for more ideas about trending designs, lighting concepts, and products.

Find fixtures that suit you

Some technical points should be taken into account for your choice of indoor lights. There is an Ingress Protection (IP) rating that is always accompanied by two digits; the first digit indicates the size of the object that can penetrate into the electrical parts. Choose a lamp with an IP20 minimum if it is within the reach of a child. The 2 indicates that the lamp is protected against objects that are greater than 12mm in diameter (e.g. a finger). The second digit represents protection against moisture. For example, a bathroom light must be protected against the risk of splashing water, which corresponds to the number 4, meaning your light is protected against water splashes from all directions. In a bathroom, the Committee of Consumer Safety recommends that lights have a minimum IP44 when installed within 60cm from where water collects (such as a shower, bathtub, sink).

This information is always shown very clearly on the full product page to help you make an informed choice. Also don't forget to take the energy labels into consideration. These provide information about the energy consumption of your light, according to the ranking from A++ (very efficient) to E (very inefficient). Choosing a class D lamp rather than a class A lamp will quickly become much more expensive, even if the class D was initially less expensive. LED lights are guaranteed to be a minimum class A light, and are the preferred option if you want to control your energy consumption.

Living well with appropriate lighting

We receive on average 80% of the conscious sensory information of our environment through sight, therefore quality outdoor lighting and indoor lighting contributes significantly to one's personal well-being. You will discover fixtures of all types and in all styles for your home, including ceiling fans, but one thing is certain: we offer a large range of lighting at the best value! Whether you are looking for high-end chandeliers or inexpensive table lamps, you'll find it in our online shop.