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PAPACAL plug-in light LED black, 1-light source
RRP: €119.99
MASERU path light LED anthracite, 1-light source
RRP: €129.99
Moroni path light LED anthracite, 1-light source
RRP: €129.99
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Smart Home Outdoor Lighting

Controlling Light via Smart Home Systems such as Philips Hue, Osram Smart or Amazon Alexa is becoming much more prominent. Many customers use their Smart Home system exclusively inside. However, they forego the vast possibilities that Outdoor Smart Home Lighting can offer. Outdoor Lighting offers potential for any position, be it for the garden, terrace, porch or the entry. The atmosphere is easy to set to your own, personal, stylized liking.

Using Smart Home Outdoor Lighting Correctly

Smart Home Outdoor Lighting offers you two key advantages over conventional outdoor lighting: Firstly, you can design your lighting to your own preferences. Colour, light intensity and entire scenes can be created by a few simple clicks. Timers and other features, such as sensor technology can all be easily integrated in a Smart Home system as well.

Secondly, Smart Home Outdoor Lighting can offer security. With most Smart Home Systems you can remote control your Lights. As such you can simulate your presence even though you are far from your home. Sensor technology can deter unwanted guests.

Smart Home LED Lighting

The use of LEDs is the standard of Smart Home Systems. LEDs, depending on manufacturer, can get up to 16 million colours. Oder luminaires, like halogen lamps, can only assume different colours when their exterior is dyed. As such only one colour can be set in halogen lights instead of the vast variety of colours offered by LEDs. With this technology, Smart Home lightings offer you absolute creativity and customization.

IP Protection Type of Smart Home Outdoor Lighting

Particularly important for Smart Home Outdoor Lighting is the IP Protection Type. This value defines a products protection against water and other weather hazards. The most common IP Protection Type values is IP44. This value defines a guaranteed protection against objects that have a diameter of ≥ 1,0 mm as well as general protection against splash water.

Philips Hue, Osram, Paul Neuhaus – Smart Home Outdoor Lights we have in stock

Smart Home Outdoor Lighting can be found in our webstore in various designs, from different manufacturers and different models. These products vary in style and functionality. For Outdoor you can find many Smart Home Luminaires, such as Smart Home pathlights, Smart Home Wall lights or globe lights. You will also find renown Smart Home manufacturers such as Philips Hue, Osram, Ego Connect or Paul Neuhaus in our assortment. To easily find the product you desire we have different filter options you can use on our website. With it you can chose preferred style, colour, material, light colour…

Which advantages does the purchase of Smart Home Outdoor Lights have?

If you purchase Smart Home Outdoor Lights, you will benefit from the countless advantages of our webstore. Amongst these advantages are the several options of payment. Pay the way you want, with PayPal, Amazon Pay, Bank transfer or Credit Card. Through our website you will also find the fitting Smart Home Accesories and Smart Home Light Bulbs. Customise your Smart Home Lighting Pack to your own preferences.