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Picture and Display Lights

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Picture Lights - Illuminate Works of Art and Favourite Pictures in Style

A picture light can be used as a supplement or alternative to a wall light. Their shape is typically slim and discreet and their housing is made of robust and high-quality materials such as metal, steel or aluminium. The spotlight is aimed specifically at the artwork and provides glare-free light. This special light source has the function of selectively illuminating and setting the scene for paintings and also photos in picture frames - just like in a gallery.

A stylish, effective illumination by a picture lamp complements your room lighting with an additional light source and shows off your favourite pictures on the wall in a way that a ceiling light alone cannot. In our shop, you will find picture lamps that impress with their modern, timeless or antique design and in the colours chrome, (antique) brass, silver or nickel matt.

How Wide Should a Picture Light be?

That depends entirely on the size of the painting or framed photo. Just make sure that the picture light is not too small in relation to the picture, which may result in insufficient illumination. For particularly large works of art, several picture lights next to each other are a good idea - because double the light is better! Adjustable picture lights also have the advantage that they can be directed at specific areas to highlight specific areas.

Picture lights are easy to install - with professional assistance. By the way, not every picture on your wall needs to be illuminated. A gallery is also effective if picture lights illuminate only individual, selected motifs.

Selecting Lightbulbs and Light Colour for Picture Lighting

LEDs are the most suitable light source because they are

  • long-lasting and economical - especially compared with battery-operated picture lights - and
  • particularly suitable for sensitive pictures.

Unlike conventional light bulbs or halogen lamps, LEDs do not emit heat or harmful UV radiation.

When it comes to light colour, you can opt for warm white or neutral white light - this creates a cosy or stimulating atmosphere. If you opt for a dimmable picture light, you can adjust the brightness to your liking.

Buy picture lights at low prices online

Whether in the living room, dining room or hallway - with a picture light, you can create a stylish focus and emphasise your personality and individual living style with illuminated pictures. Discover and order picture lighting that suits you and your home!