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Eglo E27 6 watt 2700 Kelvin 806 lumen
Eglo E27 6 watt 2700 Kelvin 806 lumen
RRP: €17.99
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LEDVANCE SMART+ E14 5W 2700-6500 Kelvin 470 Lumen
LEDVANCE SMART+ E14 5W 2700-6500 Kelvin 470 Lumen
RRP: €14.99
LEDVANCE SMART+ GU10 5W 2700 Kelvin 350 Lumen
RRP: €17.49
Secure 12% extra
Eglo E14 5 Watt 2765 Kelvin 470 Lumen
Eglo E14 5 Watt 2765 Kelvin 470 Lumen
RRP: €14.99
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Smart Bulbs: the cornerstone of your Smart Home

Smart Home light bulbs function with a variety of different communication-technologies like Zigbee, Bluetooth or Wifi. Smart Bulbs are the building block of a Smart Home system. They enable the vast possibilities Smart Home has to offer. Depending on the Smart Home System and manufacturer it is possible to change the light colour, to dim a light with voice commands or turn a light on or off at any given time with a smartphone.

Easily switch to Smart Home with Smart Bulbs

A few products, like the Paul Neuhaus Q-Series, come with integrated Smart Home light sources. These light sources cannot be exchanged due to their fixed integration in the product. With any other product that offers exchangeable bulbs, Smart Home bulbs can be integrated into these products like normal bulbs and convert your light into a Smart Home products. You will find all the standards, like E27, E14, GU10 sockets and more. With this method you can convert your pre-existent lights into Smart Home products instead of buying an entirely new light to replace your old products.

Smart Bulbs from Paul Neuhaus or Philips Hue

The most renown Smart Home light bulbs are made by Philips Hue. In our assortment we offer favourable alternatives to Philips Hue Bulbs, such as Smart Bulbs from the manufacturer Paul Neuhaus, the Paul Neuhaus Q-Lights. The Smart Bulbs offer a long lifespan and thanks to the LED-technology are as energy efficient as possible. The functionality differs between Smart Bulbs and varies depending which Smart Home system it is integrated in. Most Smart Bulbs come with the following features:

  • If you are reading, easily increase the intensity of your lights. In the evening in front of the television, dim the light down via an App or a remote control. With Smart Bulbs you can regulate light intensity with a simple touch.
  • With Smart Bulbs you have full control over the light colour. Regulate your light between a warm-white comfort lighting or a bright light when studying, working or cooking. The choices and possibilities are endless.
  • Green or red? Whoever is a fan of having a colour spectrum at the tip of one’s finger will find complete creative freedom with Smart Bulbs. Choose from 16 million different colour variations to find the light you desire most at any given time.
  • On or off with voice control, remote control or App. You can do it from anywhere, any time.
  • Design your own scenery and group your lights as you wish. With just a click of a button your Smart Bulbs will remember your saved scenes and switch at your heart’s desire.