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Pompu Ceiling Light LED Ecru, black, 1-light source
RRP: €279.99
Wemude Ceiling Light black, 1-light source
RRP: €119.99
Secure 12% extra
PAMBOR Floor Lamp black, 1-light source
PAMBOR Floor Lamp black, 1-light source
RRP: €149.99
Pompu Ceiling Light LED black, 1-light source
RRP: €264.99
Pompu Ceiling Light LED Ecru, black, 1-light source
RRP: €299.99
Pompu Ceiling Light LED Ecru, black, 1-light source
RRP: €199.99
Secure 12% extra
Pompu Ceiling Light LED black, 1-light source
Pompu Ceiling Light LED black, 1-light source
RRP: €299.99

Lamps sorted by styles - for every interior design

Finding a lamp that matches your interior home design isn't as easy as it seems when you take a look at the huge sortiment of luminaires. To make your search more confortable we have created categories

Filtering lamps gather style, colour and shape

Of course you can decrease the shown number of lamps and luminares in this category also through colours, shapes, material, etc. So you'll easily find the lamp you are really looking for. From oriental lamps with tiny ornaments to vintage lamps with visible bulbs. We'll show you what's trending right now and that we have several lamps with stunning designs on stock, besides our modern ceiling-, floor- and table lamps.

Integrate a decoration lamp into your interior

Lamps do not exist just for their functionalities. Also they are great decoration objects and mood changer in every single room. Depending on your way of living you could change your decoration lamps to highlight your personal interior style whenever you want to. But what's typical for the different ways of home design?

Scandinavian lamps

You can recognize a scandinavian interior design by its light colours and the natural materials they use. Fur, wool and wood: All of these are typical

Rustic lamps

The heart of the rustic/cottage design is also connected to nature and idyllic atmosphere. Support your cottage lighting through cozy-rustic furniture rattan-elements, graved details, floral pattern and pastel colours.

Oriental lamps

If you want to live in a dream of 1001 nights, the oriental styled luminaires are perfect for you. Artistic decorated laterns, colourful lamps and eastern luminaires made out of precious metals combined with traditional carpets and a lot of accessoires in your room: All of this is authentic oriental. When it comes to oriental luminaires we differentiate between moroccon-, turkish-, arabic- and indian lamps.

Vintage lamps & Retro lamps

With our vintage- and retro lamps you can bring an extra whiff of nostalgia straight into your rooms. Old-fashion meets the modern spirit: Scratches and other flaws of beauty are finding their well-deserved place in this category. Luminaires with exfoliated paint, visible bulbs or long and uncovered cables will bring memories of long ago back into your home.

Antique lamps

Everyone who wants to transform their lighting into an antique design will find the perfect products. Put your ancient pieces of furniture in perspective combined with antique ceiling- or table lamps. To throw light on your high-grade floor vase you could use one of our stylish antique lamps and give your apartment an extra historical touch. You'll be surprised how important it is to have the correct lighting for antique highlights in your interior design.

Industrial lamps

Tough, coarse and straight forward: That's the common industrial design. Suiting this trendy way of living we've got a lot of products to offer. Wrecked paint, cement lamps, the look of dirty oil patches on lampshades: Industrial lamps suit perfectly into spacious lofts. But also in small rooms they can create an unique factory ambiance. Industrial lamps are liked especially in the kitchen, living- or dining room.

Tiffany lamps

Bring special charme to your home with famous Tiffany lamps. These luminaires are made out of colourful, lucent pieces of glass, put together to a beautiful mosaic. At Tiffanys you'll find a lot of works with typical characteristics from the Art Nouveau like butterflies or flowers. Transform your living room into a real eye-catcher with Tiffany's art - made out of glass.